Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pre-Polluted Children

Its morally wrong that kids are born pre-polluted with  hundreds of toxic industrial chemicals & pesticides.

Please click on the link and watch the video  :


  1. Although I'm amazed by the remarkable amount of work and infos in this blog, I'm still in the dark on what is possible to do practically in order to defend ourselves from this plague.

    Authorities don't seem interested in doing anything.

    In the area where I live farmers do what they want. They spray in strong wind condition and do not care a thing if the wind is blowing towards the residential aereas few hundred meters from where they spray.

    Police don't want to intervene no matter what and municipal authorities say it is not up to them to do anything.

    Can somebody give us some ideas on what is possible to do, short of shooting the offenders?


  2. Hi JJ

    Thanks for your post.

    The Police don't know the relevant law (Act 36 of 1947), if they did, and they saw for themselves spray drift blowing into a residential area, they would have to tell the farmer to stop.

    The Dept of Agriculture has legislative inspectors that come and following receiving complaint by members of the public. Once they have done their investigation they then hand the matter over the the DPP/NPA who then decide on whether or not to take action.

    Under NEMA 28.12 "Duty of Care" great pressure can be put on government departments, including the local municipality, to stop this sort of transgression. Members of the public are also urged to lodge complaint with their local police station.

    Its all about public awareness.

    One of our Tatib Members even took a prominent farmer to the High Court - and won the cases and in this regard there are 2 high court orders against said farmer, compelling him to obey the law and to not allow his toxic pesticides to be blown into the residential area.

    And so things are being done and as public awareness grows, it will be more difficult for farmers to break the law insofar what they spray and how they spray it.