Friday, March 5, 2010


Following  a meeting held with Tatib at the Sustainability Institute on 2 February 2010, after Paarl residents had complained about spray drift , KWV drafted some actions  which they plan to to implement over the next few months (research, test and evaluate) and then communicate afterwards in an attempt to raise awareness and share learnings with the rest of the industry.

1. Notification
- Pamphlet drop at all vineyard adjacent properties to raise awareness, establish contact details and provide a KWV helpline number.
- Create a database of potentially affected residents with e-mail alerts system activated
- Notification to start with next spraying cycle

2. Alternative products
- Provide Tatib foundation with a list of biocides used (please see list below)
- Request input on alternative suggested products
- Test and evaluation of alternative suggested products

3. Technology
- Pilot tests on alternative technology to be researched, tested and evaluated during winter months
- Implementation during next spraying cycle

4. Wind conditions
- Monitor by means of weather stations
- Early morning spraying to be implemented

5. Buffer zone
- Adapt spraying programme in buffer zones with alternative products
- Implement buffer zone plan into long term vineyard replanting and development programme

6. Fenceline monitoring
- Residue testing options to be investigated
- Monitor during next spray cycle
- Adapt and implement alternative practices where necessary

7. Long term options
- Continuous engagement and input into Integrated Production of Wine Programme (IPW)

8. Support for other farmers
- Create, test and implement model for KWV spraying
- Share model with industry bodies
- Participate in industry forums to increase awareness
- Media campaign to raise awareness and share learnings

Below you will find a list of substances currently being used in the KWV spraying programme.

Cosavet WG
Dithane WG
Brilliant SL
Ardent SC
Sovrin Flo SC
Phosphite SL
Thiovit WG
Hyperphos SL
Stroby WG
Cymoxazeb WP
Spiral EC
Topaz EW
Roundup SL


  1. Well done Tatib!!

    We have been battling with this problem for years and they have turned a blind-eye to it.

    At last someone has the courage to take them on!

  2. Now you need to approach Distill in Stellenbosch and get them to follow suit.