Wednesday, March 10, 2010


On Monday 08 March 2010,  the TATIB Foundations' Steering Committee, and other interested parties, met with  Professor Mohammad Karaan, Dean Faculty of Agri Sciences, University of Stellenbosch.

A  "2 -a-side" sub-committee has now been formed so that TATIB can enter into further discussions with the University, effectively making TATIB the "change agent" within the University system. We are waiting for the University to schedule a time and date for the next meeting.

TATIB has called for the University of Stellenbosch to convert all its vineyards/orchards/farms to an organic, environmentally friendly  & sustainable system, so that spray drift of potentially toxic pesticides into the adjacent residential areas is avoided.

The concept of a "Chair in Organic Agriculture" has been raised by one of  TATIB's members and we feel that this should be acceptable to the University as Stellenbosch probably has the fastest growing body of research into agro-ecological systems and alternatives in South Africa. Its now just a matter of finding funding for this "chair".

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Photo shows Prof Karaan , Dean of  Faculty of AgriSciences & Tatibs Chairman Jurgen Schirmacher

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  1. Great site, amazing work!!

    Can you guys help raise public awareness about schools that are located nearby to vineyards? There are several in the Stellenbosch area( Paul Roos, Rhenish, Waldorf) some in Somerset West (Somerset House) and then one on a wine farm in Durbanville (Montessorri)

    Sara W