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Georgina Downs    (

of  UK Pesticides Campaign   :  has asked us for comments on the following:-

(It is currently the first link on the website itself at

The DEFRA consultation is only open until the 4th May 2010. The link to the DEFRA Consultation itself is at:- lt/pesticides/index.htm

As you will see from the briefing the DEFRA Consultation Document does contain the option for a number of key measures in relation to residents including:-

Ø the option for the prohibition of pesticide use in areas used by the general public or vulnerable groups. (NB. The distance of the no-spray area needs to be substantial);

Ø the option for a new legal obligation for farmers and other pesticide users to provide information to residents and others on the pesticides used. (NB. This needs to be direct access as third party access is not acceptable);

Ø the option for a new legal obligation for farmers and other pesticide users to provide residents with prior notification before pesticide spraying (NB. This needs to be at least 48 hours in advance as it currently is for the protection of bees);

Considering the DEFRA Consultee List is predominantly all chemical companies and other industry bodies (no surprise there!!) it really is critical that the UK Government hears from as many members of the public who are affected or concerned about pesticides as possible even if it is just a short email containing some key points.

The industry is pushing hard for the UK Government to only introduce voluntary measures and so it needs as many people as possible to counter that to make sure the Government know that it is mandatory measures that have to be introduced as voluntary measures do not work, have not worked, however many times they are repackaged etc.

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