Monday, October 18, 2010


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  1. Please add to your website the latest report the article written in the Rapport 17th October. Dr.Muir presumed the rash on *** ****'s body was from pesticides, and recommended that he be removed from the school. This rash is caused by a common virus and has nothing to do with pesticides.

    Why if the galileo group is so intent on causing harm to the Chameleons school have they not targeted the other schools yet?

    parent of school

  2. In reaction to the post above (TATIB have
    decided to remove the name of the child) ,

    Ford Hallam had the following to say :-

    The reason the Galileo Group is focussed on the Chameleons school is precisely because it is this school that we've all personally been involved with. That the school deceived us last year over the report from the Dept. of Health that was supposed to reassure us all that there was no risk from long term exposure is enough reason for us to demand that the governing body and owners of this school be held accountable.

    If you are surprised that I claim the school misrepresented the Dept. of Healths advice please see the evidence here;
    There can be no getting away from this shameless deceit. Explain that to me please, before any parent at Chameleons questions my motives or integrity.

    That they continue to hide behind utterly meaningless legislation that in no way protects our children, are content with the assurances of the chemical suppliers and continue to misrepresent the truth regarding scientific and medical evidence relating to the dangers these poisons pose to children is despicable. This is why we will continue to tell our side of the story.

    Further, I think it inappropriate for people who are so completely in denial regarding any risks these poisons pose to so arrogantly dismiss the diagnosis of a qualified medical practitioner, especially when only based on a photograph in a newspaper.

    In any case the symptoms are reflective of the fact the child's immune system is compromised. This can quite reasonably be attributed to the effects of pesticide exposure. This matter of immune function suppression by pesticides is well documented in medical research and there are at least 6 other cases I can point to among those who have left the school.

    Ford Hallam