Monday, October 4, 2010


Residents of Heldervue Somerset West were recently exposed to a herbicide, with some nasty side effects.

Please go and read up on the article which appeared in The Bolander on 01 October 2010:

About a month ago TATIB received complaints from residents in ParadysKloof , Stellenbosch, who were exposed to HORMOBAN when a park adjacent to their properties was sprayed.  They had the same symptoms that the Somerset West residents experienced.

The City of Cape Town should be held criminally responsible for these unlawful acts and should be sued for damages. Clearly they hade no idea how toxic these herbicides are, or are very good at evading the issue.

What would have happened had young children, for example, gone into the park shortly after spraying, bare foot, and absorbed the herbicide through their skin ?

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