Tuesday, March 15, 2011


On 24 January 2011, The TATIB Foundation met with various officials from Stellenbosch & Cape Winelands District Municipality.

As Basil Davidson of Stellenbosch Municipality appointed himself as "chairman" of the meeting of 24/01/2011 , TATIB requested that he / Stellenbosch Municipality, furnish us with the official minutes of the meeting.

As we have not received the minutes from Davidson, we have prepared and submitted our version of the minutes of the meeting, and can confirm that these have been sent out to all who were present, and that they have been approved.

Click here to read the official minutes :

On 11 February 2011, our attorneys, under The Promotion of Access to Information Act  (PAIA) sent a letter of request (together with a cheque payment - as prescribed by law)  to Stellenbosch Municipality  (see our posting of 13 February 2011  " Why wont Stellenbosch Municipality Cooperate ?) in which we requested  certain documentation.   

We understand that Stellenbosch Municipality have now "cleared" the cheque payment and that they have until 20 March 2011 to furnish us with the requested information. As this information is in the best interests of the public, we shall upload it to this blogspot as soon as we have received it.

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