Monday, October 31, 2011

Toxic Timbers Continued ......

 There has been an update to the toxic timber story by The Green Times.

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  1. My husband and I have just been reading up about TATIB on the Green Times.

    We are so glad that there is an organisation like you who are champions of the consumer and who fight for peoples health.

    We have read the latest about the poisoned house and we are utterly horrified at all of this. What is being done to help the poor family so that they can move back into their house ? How are they going to rid their house of the toxic residues ?

    We get quite angry when we see the manner in which SAPCA and the attorneys for Timberlife have reacted. How dare they wash their hands of it like this ! Clearly they dont care about the end user. They have made their money and so they can simply now wash their hands of the problem.

    We see there is mention about legal action against people and or entities ? It sounds like the attorneys now want to punish those people who have exposed this dreadful story? Do they not realise that this makes their clients look even more guilty ?

    Can you imagine what will happen if they follow through with their threats and this issue ends up in court - how will this look for them in the public arena ? If we were them we would fire the aggressive attorneys and to try to patch things up with the victims - at least that way they wont look so guilty. Perhaps Timberlife can also help with the clean up of the house? That would be the good thing for them to do, rather than making the kind of threats that they seem to be making, via their attorneys.

    Tatib, what you guys are doing is for the good of the Public Interest. There is a section within the constitution that will protect you, the whistle blowers, so dont let these bullies push you around.

    Keep up the fantastic work!!

  2. This is incredible, the poison mongers hiding behind their lawyers (that cannot spell – hope they are not paying them!!). The wheel will turn shortly I hope for this family.

  3. How can they be allowed to continue selling such a poisonous product?

    Why have they not been forthcoming with the information and the answers to the questions put to them by Green Times?

    They must be exposed!

  4. We live in the area and know of the situation. Every time we drive by the empty house we are reminded of these horrible people and their poisons. I hope they are all exposed, their business closed down and sent to prison where they belong. How is it possible to get away with this?

  5. Thank you for all your positive comments.

    We are trying our best to help this young family get their house back.

    We have also been threatened with legal action, probably due to our asking so many questions and for demanding copies of the Product Label and Material Safety Data Sheets.

    But surely the public has the right to know just what the ingredients of any product are? Are the threats of legal action an attempt to scare us off the trail ?